IAAH's Guide to Hassle-Free Furniture Delivery index

Furniture Delivery Measurement Guide

Prior to purchasing furniture from IAAH, we strongly recommend taking these steps to ensure a smooth delivery process.

1. Select the Right Piece:

Make sure the furniture you're considering works in your space. Our published dimensions (width x depth x length) will help you decide. To help visualize, map out the area where the piece will live, using masking tape on bare floors or sheets of paper on carpet.

2. Measure Your Home:

Entryway and hallway dimensions: Measure the height (A) and width (B) of all relevant points of access.
Narrow entryways: For tight corners, measure the total clearance length (C) between walls.
Delivery path: Determine the optimal route from outside your dwelling to the designated furniture location.

Important Note: Account for fixtures, moldings, walls, stairwells, and elevators – they might pose obstacles during delivery.

3. Note Furniture Measurements:

Product page details: Refer to the "Details + Dimensions" tab for the furniture's length (L), width (W), and height (H).
Sofas and chairs: Note the diagonal depth (DD) for tight entryway maneuvers.

Additional Notes:

Sectionals: Measure individual components, not the overall sectional size.
Dining tables: Most have removable legs, reducing delivery height.
Package dimensions: Use these instead of product dimensions.

4. Ensure Compatibility:

Sofas and chairs: The entryway width (B) must exceed at least one of the following: piece width (W), diagonal depth (DD), or height (H).

If entryway clearance (C) exceeds piece width (W), horizontal movement is possible.

If clearance (C) is less than width (W), vertical movement is required (entryway height (A) must exceed width (W)).

Bookcases and armoires: Entryway width (B) must exceed piece width (W).

If clearance (C) exceeds piece height (H), horizontal movement is possible.

If clearance (C) is less than height (H), vertical movement is required (entryway height (A) must exceed height (H)).

Important Note: The furniture will not fit if:

Piece width (W) exceeds both entryway clearance (C) and height (A).
Entryway width (B) is less than all three dimensions: depth (D), diagonal depth (DD), and height (H).

5. Delivery Preparation:

In-home delivery: Our team delivers within a scheduled appointment window (Monday-Saturday).
Delivery arrangement: A representative will contact you to confirm a date and timeframe (typically 4-6 hours).
By following these guidelines, you can ensure your chosen furniture arrives smoothly and seamlessly.