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Illuminate your bare floors with our collection of decorative Floor Lamps, an epitome of functionality with style. Buy floor lighting that matches your needs, we have curated a variety of lights crafted of sturdy material and flattering colours

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IAAH houses a mélange of lighting options when it comes to adding panache to your modern-contemporary spaces. Presented in a mix of materials, they can be an ideal addition to your home by creating a balance of charm and grace

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Convey the sheer glow of warmth and affinity with the delightful collection of Chandeliers. Transform spaces of your home into an exotic one with our collection of chandeliers crafted of best in quality material, to give your space a sleek and classy look

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Handpick the Best Lighting for Your Sweet Abode Only from IAAH

If you want to bask in an extraordinary interior design experience, then you just can't afford to turn a blind eye to the crucial role played by a good lighting system. Lighting decoration doesn't just brighten up the space but it is also a great way to simply accentuate the overall ambience of a room. Home lighting designs typically perform three cardinal functions viz task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting. So if you wish to enhance the overall ambience and visibility of a space, then you must ideally opt for the general lighting fixtures such as chandeliers. However, if you are keen on brightening up spaces such as dining rooms or kitchens, then task lighting design in various different forms would be most suited.

Also, if you are endeavouring to achieve a dramatic touch or a visual appeal, then task lighting can help you do so as it helps highlight the photographs and artwork in all spaces.

Interior lighting design is therefore important for augmenting and upscaling the overall aesthetics of your home. Smart lighting systems and designs can alone go a long way by ensuring that your abode is not just well lit but also a comfortable space for you to nestle, unwind and relax.

Also, you should preferably play around and try different kinds of pendant lights, track lights and wall-mounted lights for various different spaces in your home. Handpick your favourite light designs only from our website, IAAH and well rest assured, be it your general home lighting needs or the festive lights requirement, we have got you covered and we are sure that you would be more than delighted with our eclectic range of lights that would accentuate and prettify your homes.

Exquisite & Eclectic Array of Splendid Lighting Designs to Light Up Your Home Decor

Lighting decor isn't just limited to lamps and bulbs, but you could rather opt for a variety of decorative lights for your home and to brighten up your living space. Be it the classic fairy lights or the LED wall lights, we at IAAH offer a wide range of lighting designs that are apt and are meticulously curated for all rooms of a house. For instance, some of our popular bedroom lighting designs are wall sconces, backlit panelling, recessed lighting and more. Table lamps too, help instantly light up a dim bedroom, and well our incredible table lamps collection is undoubtedly to die for.

Also, the living room of any house is a place that all your guests and visitors see first, and have access to, and therefore it is imperative for you to find the right kind of lights for your home decoration, particularly the living room. While this sure isn't a cakewalk, but fret not because we at IAAH offer the most sublime range of lighting designs for your living rooms and your house, in general. However, our living room lighting designs include antique tripod lamps, vintage sconces, abstract hanging lamps and a lot more.

There's no denying the fact that the right lighting designs can do wonders for your home's overall aesthetic appeal. So scout no further and choose from our exquisite and eclectic array of lights that are scrupulously designed to accentuate your living space. Also, if you are keen to intensify your office lighting, then our study lamps are undoubtedly the best choice for you. Our classy and vintage study lamps are assiduously designed to offer just the perfect amount of light to help you upscale your productivity level without straining your eyes. We even have a range of sturdy yet beautiful study tables and chairs that would indeed help you set up the perfect office space. Check out our collection of lighting decor and lamps.

Our Uber-Cool Range of Lighting Decor

The right kind of lighting can through and through change a space and can make a remarkable difference, but only if it is done correctly because if in case the lighting is too loud or dim, then it can cause immense discomfort to our eyes. Therefore, all the components of interior design depend not just upon functionality and aesthetics but also on the right kind of lighting as that alone has a great say. We at IAAH boasts of an uber-cool range of lighting decor, an overview of which is hereunder.

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lighting is extremely crucial as it complements the external architecture of your home or office space. If the garden lights are placed strategically, then it shall give your garden a whole new look and would surely make your patio, balcony and porch a lot more appealing. So if you are looking around for simple or elaborate lighting options for your gates or walls, then scroll through our elaborate outdoor lights page as we have got you covered and have something for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.


If you are designing an interior space, well then there are innumerable lamp styles to choose from. However, it maybe a herculean task to find the perfect design along with the preferred lamp colour, but fret not because we at IAAH are here to your rescue. We have an array of soft light lamp options available at our website and so you could now sit at home whilst scrolling through our website and handpicking the perfect lamp to complete the ambience of your home.


A pendant, for the unversed, is a kind of light fixture that is often used in homes and buildings. It hangs from the ceiling by a chain, cord or a metal rod, and it has a single light source that is typically enclosed in an attractive globe or shade. Pendants are more often than not, used to accentuate the dining rooms, kitchens and other areas of the house that require focused lighting. We at IAAH have a range of the most magnificent and decorative pendants that can instantly revamp any space of your house, thereby adding dollops of glamour and excitement to it.


A chandelier is an elaborate lighting fixture that ideally consists of multiple branches or arms to efficiently hold different light sources. Chandeliers are a lot more decorative in nature and they can instantly revamp any space. Chandeliers are often ornate, and are embellished with glass shades, crystals and other decorative elements. We at IAAH have an eclectic array of chandeliers that you could fit into your dining rooms, entryways or any other area of the house wherein you want to have a dramatic and loud lighting effect. Check out our website to see our range of chandeliers.