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Console Table
Console Table

Pieces to Shine
Console Tables are designed in a contemporary design with a fusion of materials like wood, glass, and marble, providing transitional interest. At IAAH, get a wide range to add beauty to your room with desired functionality.

Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Wooden Detox
Buy Coffee Tables that impart elegance along with storage solutions. Have a versatile range with IAAH that displays its Round Coffee Table, Wooden, Glass, and Marble Coffee Tables, to relish the modern approach of the interior.

Side & Accent Table
Side & Accent Table

Less is More
Buy Side Tables and End Tables that are in premium quality wood amalgamated with materials like glass and marble to have a "rare to see" appeal. With our Peg Tables and C-Tables also have a glance over Accent Tables.

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Accent Chairs
Accent Chair

Bring Nature Home
Add uniqueness to your home interior with this assortment of Accent and Lounge Chairs, which have versatility from modern to the most classic approaches and create eye-catching focal points in your living room.

Stools & Pouffe

Mix Material Fusion
Extol the appeal of your abode with our charming assortment of handcrafted Pouffes, Settees, and Benches. Conceived in contemporaneous designs, these are extremely comfortable and durable.


Comfy & Affordable
Delve into the comfortable silhouette of Sets manufactured at IAAH. These are crafted in sturdy wood and upholstered in fine fabric that will raise the aesthetics and appeal of your living area.

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Handpick Sublime & Sturdy Furniture to Glamorize Your Living Room

While it is true that all areas of our house must be designed with care, however the living room, in particular demands the most lot of attention as it has a variety of elements that are combined together to furnish a cohesive design. 

From the cozy sofas and couches to the television and the media units, the living room has a lot of varied furniture pieces that need through and through coordination. So if you are scouting for the best place to buy the most sturdy and sophisticated living room furniture then rest assured, you have landed at the right place. IAAH offers an array of the most exquisite and magnificent living room collection that you can buy from the comfort of your house. 

From accent chairs and accent tables to pouffes, settees and benches, we have it all under one roof, most of which is also available at the most terrific and stellar prices. And well just think no further, and grab our stunning collection of living room furniture from IAAH. Furthermore, we even offer functional living room storage furniture in several different designs that can help you keep your living space absolutely neat and well organized. So whatever your prevalent design aesthetics are, we have the widest and the most stylish range of living room furniture that shall surely prettify your living rooms. Here’s a quick encapsulation and a birds eye view of the various different designs and living room furniture that you could choose from :

Living Room Collection at IAAH :

  1. Sofas : A sofa is a central seating furniture that is specifically designed for more than one person to comfortably sit on. We make the finest quality three seater sofas and sectional sofas in modern, contemporary and transitional designs. Our sofas come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials and would undoubtedly become the focal point of your living room.


  1. Accent Chairs : An accent chair is a contemporary style of seating furniture that is typically used to add a visual appeal or contrast to a room. We at IAAH offer the most comfortable and cozy accent chairs in a variety of styles, colours and materials and these could be used to contrast with the sofa or other furniture pieces in your living room.


  1. Coffee tables : As the name suggests, coffee tables are typically used to hold drinks, books and snacks along with other items. It is a low table that is typically placed in front of a sofa or in a seating area. We at IAAH offer the most stylish and uber cool coffee tables that are available in a price range of Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 60,000, and rest assured, these would add dollops of elegance to your living room space.


  1. Side tables : A side table is a small table that is ideally placed next to a sofa or a chair. Side tables are typically used to hold lamps, drinks, books and other items. We at IAAH make side tables in a variety of styles and materials, and well you should surely get one to prettify your living room space. 


  1. Accent tables : An accent table is a small table that is typically used to add visual appeal or contrast to a room. We make accent tables in different styles, shapes, sizes and materials that can be used to complement or contrast with the other furniture in your living room. 


  1. Console table : A console table is typically a little narrower table that is usually placed against a wall. It is ideally used to hold decorative items, lamps and various other objects. We at IAAH have an eclectic array of console tables that are made in various different materials and have a broad price range that starts from Rs. 2200 and goes upto Rs. 1,16,000 (approx).


  1. Pouffes : A pouffe is a kind of cushion or stool that is usually used as extra seating or well it is used as a footrest. We make pouffes in various different shapes, sizes and materials and well our pouffes can undoubtedly add a lot more texture and colour to your living room, thereby giving it a vibrant appeal. 

  1. Settees : Settees are chic pieces of furniture that are typically designed for seating two or more people. Settees usually have an armrests, backrest and may also have cushions for that extra comfort. Settees are ideally smaller than sofas and are apt for compact spaces or may also be perfect for the extra seating arrangement in a large room. We at IAAH make settees in various different materials such as metal, wood or upholstered fabric or leather. Our versatile settees can be used in various different settings, be it a living room or a bedroom or even the waiting rooms in offices. And well our settees can be designed as per your distinct taste and preference. 

  1. Benches : Benches are usually long and narrow in structure, and can be used for seating or simply as a decorative item. Check out our stellar and sturdy range of benches on our website and handpick the one of your choice.


And well a pro tip herein is that while you're choosing furniture pieces for your living room, make sure to meticulously consider the size and layout of your room, along with your personal style and preferences, and also the functionality that you would be requiring from your furniture. However, with our wide variety of options, we are sure that there's something in store for your house as well. So just check out our website today to avail the best discounts and offers and to make your living space a stylish and comfortable one.