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Dining Collections

Garnish with Exquisiteness, Brim your Dining Space with the latest Dining Products.

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Buffets & Cabinets
Add these gorgeous statements making Buffet Tables and Cabinets for your beautiful space, and flaunt the outstanding craftsmanship.

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Dining Tables
Dining Tables manufactured in rich quality material encapsulating wood, marble and glass. Dining Tables with 6 and 4-seater to inculcate every inch of love and happiness.

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Bar Units
Accentuate the appeal of your Bar area with sophisticatedly designed Bar Units. The classy approach lets you flaunt your style along with providing optimum storage solutions.

Buy our Dining Collection and explore the wide variety of Buffets & Cabinets,
Bars & Trolleys, Dining Chairs, and Tables and take a look at the various options.

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Mocktail Recipes
Explore a wide menu of intriguing mocktail recipes for the gatherings that are cherished with love, laughter and memories of togetherness.

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Dining Chairs
Provide with the most comfortable seating experience around the Dining area with our best-in-class Dining Chairs crafted from wood with silhouettes in modern designs.

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Bar Trolley & Sets
The desirable appearance along with shelves and cabinets encapsulates a Bar Trolley. Our collection presents the Bar Carts crafted in mix materials and contemporary designs.

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Buy Sturdy & Magnificent Dining Room Furniture from the Leisure of Your House only from IAAH

Dining room is one such space of your house that is the centre of every happy gathering with your friends and loved ones. So be it a family lunch or the Sunday brunch, it is the dining room where all your family gathers, and as is rightly said that "a family that eats together, stays together", and hence it is the dining room that is the life force of a house. It is pivotal to have an elegant, spacious and a neat dining room as it helps keep the family united, and we at IAAH understand the importance of the same.
We offer an extensive collection of the finest dining room furniture that you could buy from the leisure of your house. You could opt from a wide variety of solid and sturdy dining room furniture that we would happily customize as per your distinct preferences. So whether you want a minimalistic dining table set for formal dinners or if you would prefer a traditional design to delight all your guests, we at IAAH sure have something in store for you.
We offer an array of the most magnificent dining collections, dining tables, chairs, benches, buffet tables, bar units, trolleys and a lot more, a overview of which is hereunder:

Dining Collections Dining collections allude to a set of furniture pieces that are meticulously designed to be used together in a dining room. A dining collection would typically include dining table, chairs and other complementary pieces such as a china cabinet or a buffet.
Our dining collections are usually available in a wide array of styles, finishes and materials, and so you could pick one that fits the decor of your dining room. Some of our most popular styles include the contemporary, rustic, traditional and farmhouse dining collections.
Furthermore, besides the style, dining collections could also vary in terms of seating and size capacity. While we design some collections for compact spaces, however other collections are meticulously designed for larger rooms that could accommodate atleast eight or more people.
Overall, our dining collections can help furnish your dining room with a sublime look and feel. Make sure to check out our collection today as you could grab some stellar discount offers too.

Dining TablesDining tables are typically designed for dining rooms or kitchens. These are ideally rectangular or circular in shape, and such tables offer a flat surface for individuals to sit around and have their meals with their loved ones. We at IAAH offer dining tables in a variety of styles, materials and sizes that range from Rs. 49,995 to Rs. 1,15,995. You could thus choose a dining table of your choice as per your tastes and preferences, and one that fits into your dining room or kitchen.

Dining Chairs: Dining chairs are ideally designed for use at a dining table, and you could get the finest and the most sturdy dining chairs that we have in a variety of styles, sizes and materials that are apt for all your various needs. Some common kinds of dining table chairs include upholstered chairs that have a padded seat with a backrest and are covered with leather, vinyl or with some fabric. We also have the wooden chairs that are made up of wood and have a rustic and a conventional design with decorative accents. Furthermore, we even metal chairs that are a great option for small and compact spaces. Our chair range starts from Rs.15996 and we have an eclectic collection, so make sure to check out our website.

Buffet Cabinets: Buffet cabinets are typically used for storing and displaying the exquisite dishware and other dining essentials. Such cabinets are ideally found in dining rooms and can come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. The most essential features of a buffet cabinet is its storage space that consists of cabinets, drawers and shelves. These cabinets are made from different materials that commonly include wood, glass, metal or a blend of all these materials. Furthermore, buffet cabinets can also be designed in a wide variety of styles that range from traditional to modern. We at IAAH have a collection of buffet cabinets in various different shapes, sizes and materials.

Bar Trolley: A Bar trolley alludes to a mobile platform or a cart that is typically used to transport and serve food and drinks. While these are more common in a wide range of outdoor setting, but having that said, a bar trolley in your house would surely help upscale your hospitality and it would indeed enhance your kitchen space, helping you whittle down your time in taking food to and fro from the kitchen. We have a variety of food trolleys that are available in different shapes, sizes and designs, but well all of those have the most perfect manoeuvrability. Also, our food trolleys are most appropriate for serving food and snacks to not just your guest but also to those who like to have their food in the privacy of their respective rooms.

Bar Units: Bar units have now become immensely popular in dining furniture as it renders a functional and an elegant addition to any dining room or kitchen. A bar unit ideally comprises of a counter, shelves, and storage for both glasses and bottles. We at IAAH make the most stellar and sturdy bar units in a wide array of materials such as wood, glass and metal and well needless to say, our bar units would surely accentuate your dining or kitchen space.
However, having that said, a pro tip that we would like to offer herein is that you must choose a bar unit taking into consideration the size and space of your dining room along with the style and colour tone of your existing furniture as your bar unit shouldn't look incongruent with the other furniture pieces. Consider buying a unit that is functional and one that offers plenty of storage while complementing your decor and other furniture. And well the last thing to do then is to stock up your favourite mixers and spirits at your bar unit to truly make the most of it.