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Exquisite Barware Collection Exclusively IAAH

Fine Collection of Magnificent Barware Only at IAAH

Enjoy your drinks in style with our magnificent collection of barware that is exclusively available on our website. So if you wish to prepare lip-smacking and delectable margaritas, mocktails, cocktails, martinis or any other drink at your home, then rest assured, our bar accessories would surely aid you and would bring out the innate drink making skills within you. You can handpick our bar accessories as we have a wide array of exquisite options available that range from glass, borosilicate, steel, copper and ceramic based material which is particularly used for bar products such as pitchers, pegs, tongs, wine glasses and more. 

So relish your drinks and savoury snacks by serving those in our beautiful customised platters and well our coasters shall help you keep your bar counter pristine clean and tidy. Furthermore, you could even buy bar set cases for your travels. And this isn't all as we also have bottle openers of different shapes and sizes that shall cater to all your distinct needs. Also, if you are scouting for whiskey or rum glasses, then those too, can be purchased in a variety of combination sets. Our glasses are made with high-quality borosilicate, and boast of smooth, precision-cut and clean edges. 

When our IAAH glasses are placed in your kitchen or at the bar counter, then rest assured, our glasses alone shall stand out from all the rest as our glasses give a distinct, aesthetic look that one just can't ignore. However, having that said, regular cleaning and polishing is a must to maintain their pristine and exquisite look.

And well, think no further now. If you are looking around for some delicate yet appealing glasses or glassware in general, then check out our collection at IAAH, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

  • Buy Magnificent Bar Accessories to Create an Impressive Bar Counter at Your Home

A celebratory word that is apt for almost all occasions is "cheers!", and well it doesn't even ever solicit any explanation as the word alone is synonymous for raising a toast. So if you are one of those who enjoys celebrating at home with your squad of near and dear ones, then a bar counter is all what you need to ring in all your special occasions with fun and gusto. 

And we at IAAH have an array of fancy bar accessories to help accentuate your very own home bar. So if you are looking around for bar equipment or glassware or any other furnishing accessory for that matter, then we are here to your aid. 

Also, when we talk about bar accessories, then there are undoubtedly a number of products that are a must have for your home bar counter, and well truth be told, this might sound baffling to you. However, fret not because mentioned below are some must-have and convenient bar equipment that your home bar should ideally possess. 

  • Bottle Racks :

As the name suggests, bottle racks, also known as wine racks are typically used for storing wines, whiskey, spirits and other alcoholic drinks in an organised manner. There are racks that are typically made up of various durable materials such as bamboo, wood, brass, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, plastic and leather etc. So you may ideally handpick a wine rack for a single bottle or a bottle rack for more than one bottle. However, having that said, it is pertinent to note that there are myriads of different brands that deal with bottle and wine racks and are floating in the market, but IAAH stands out from all the rest because our bottle and wine racks are not just sturdy and durable but are also visually appealing and eye-catching, and would undoubtedly make your home bar a magnificent one.

  • Cocktail Shakers :

Delight your family and friends by serving them some relishing cocktails made at your very own home bar counter with our cocktail shakers. Just add a pint of juice or some alcohol or something like zest or even tabasco, and then shake it all well in a cocktail shaker, and voila, your flavoursome cocktail is ready to be served. Cocktail shakers, too, come in a variety of materials such as brass, steel, copper, stainless steel or even plastic, and we at IAAH have an eclectic range of cocktail shakers for all your distinct needs and preferences. 

  • Ice buckets :

Ice buckets are usually used to cool the drinks by keeping them cold for a prolonged period of time. These are typically loaded with Ice cubes or with crushed ice and is placed inside or along with a container such as a pitcher that contains drinks to be chilled. Ice buckets not just cools the drinks but it also helps dilute the drink, and this therefore makes it a lot more palatable and easier to drink, especially in the case of strong alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, ice buckets can also enhance the overall presentation of the drink, adding some elegance to it. We at IAAH have a range of ice buckets available. Check out our website and handpick the one of your choice.

  • Measuring Cups :

Measuring cups are ideally used for measuring solid or dry ingredients such as flour or spices. However, when it comes to measuring liquid ingredients such as drinks, then it is more common to use liquid measuring cups or tools such as the shot glasses, bar spoons or jiggers. We at IAAH offer the most appealing yet sturdy liquid measuring cups in various sizes that also have markings for different volumes. These cups are specifically designed for liquids, and they boast of a spout for pouring. Check out our collection on our website to know more.

Furthermore, besides these above mentioned bar accessories, you could even buy hip flasks, corkscrew, ice buckets, ashtrays, tongs and stirrers, mugs, cups and saucers and a lot more as we have a huge collection of barware. 

And rest assured, when you buy from IAAH, then you get nothing less than the very best. We endeavour to leave no stone unturned, ensuring to offer the finest products to our valuable customers.