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10 Tips to protect your outdoor furniture

Decorating your home with top-notch furniture is always the need of the hour. Not just your interiors but even the lawns need to be revamped as per modern needs. However, when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, you can select from many different materials and styles. Aluminium, plastic, concrete and teak materials are ideal for outdoor furniture, but wet and cold weather conditions can damage year-round materials. Thus, leaving your furniture outside can be a risky task.

You can add a few wooden chairs for simple outdoor furniture to revamp your lawn. The ideal outdoor furniture creates the ideal atmosphere for your home’s outdoor area. You can even choose a classic and contemporary table and team it with stylish and comfy chairs in pastel colours to add a modern touch. However, proper care of the outdoor furniture must be taken so that they can stay last. Since furniture can also be damaged by rain and humidity, we need to protect it from all the harsh weather conditions. So, for your assistance, here are some of the tips that you can follow to protect your outdoor furniture.

Anchor your furniture to protect from high winds

If you reside in an area that often faces high winds, you should secure your outdoor furniture carefully. Powerful gusts can damage your furniture by causing scrapes, dents or even breakage. So, you should tie your chairs down when they are not in use. Besides, the umbrellas should be closed and stored inside, while cushions should be tightly tied to the furniture. After anchoring everything, cover your furniture with tarps or covers if they will not be used for a while.

Shield your furniture from the sun’s heat

Some outdoor furniture like cushions, pillows and umbrellas can suffer from colour fading and turn yellow if exposed to too much sunlight and water. To prevent that, you can choose furniture made of sun and water-repellent fabric. Adding that protection layer wards off water and prevents your furniture from yellowing or colour fading.

Cover your furniture, but let it breathe

Covers are a great option to protect your outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays and all forms of precipitation. Though covers should perfectly fit each piece of furniture, you should avoid the ones that completely seal the furniture from below. It’s vital to have an air passage underneath the furniture to prevent the growth of mould.

Sun protection for wooden furniture

Outdoor furniture indeed benefits from sun protection of all kinds. There is no denying the fact that UV rays can cause the breaking down of wood fibres, which leaves them weak and discoloured over time. So, you should put it under an umbrella or any other shaded structure. This will increase the life span of the furniture and lower the risk of damage caused by sun, wind or rain.

Apply paste wax on your aluminium or metal furniture

To protect metal and aluminium outdoor furniture, you should opt for coating it with paste wax., Wax protects your outdoor furniture just like sunscreen keeps your skin safe from the damaging UV rays. If your metal furniture has corroded or rusted, you should remove that first. Then apply primer and paint on its surface, followed by a coat of paste wax on top.

Prevent accumulation of moulds

If your furniture is exposed to constant water changes, it reduces its life span. Another problem is the growth of mould due to moisture and dirt left on outdoor items in winter. Mould can be so damaging that it can ruin the condition of your furniture by spreading quickly, way before the time comes to use the furniture again. So, if you see moulds accumulating on the pieces made from wrought iron or plastic, clean them with a solution of dish soap and water. However, ensure not to apply too much pressure as it can also cause damage to your furniture.

Rugs to the rescue

A natural-looking woven rug can elevate the look of any outdoor seating area in split seconds. Investing in good quality rugs can also help to keep the floor cool and dry and your furniture clean. So, we recommend you to place a durable, water-resistant rug underneath your outdoor furniture pieces.

Proper storage of outdoor furniture

When the good summer days are over, you should properly store your outdoor furniture before winter arrives. Exposure to snow and freezing temperatures can undoubtedly reduce the lifespan of your furniture. However, proper storage of your valuable pieces can lead to their longer existence. Ensure that all your items are nicely washed and dried before you store them so that they will be ready to use on sunny days the next time.

Ensure proper shifting of furniture when not in use

You should always remember to lift the furniture up whenever you are moving it. You will have to avoid furniture from bumping into something or any obstacles in the way. This would help you to avoid dents and scratches in the metal. Also, there should be nothing surrounding your outdoor furniture that can fall into them.

Apply sealant to restore your furniture’s natural beauty

Temperature changes can also damage your outdoor wooden furniture. The temperature shifts force the wood to expand and contract continuously, which leads to the cracking of furniture over time. Moreover, to avoid this damage to your outdoor furniture, you can always apply a premium-quality sealant to preserve its natural beauty. This will also act as an effective shield against moisture, UV rays and insects.


While the changes in weather conditions are out of your hand, thankfully, you now have a better plan to protect your outdoor furniture from the same. Make sure to clean your furniture regularly, and take extra care of the cushions and pillows, as it can make them last much longer. You can also make use of your outdoor furniture by using it as indoor furniture during winter. However, for more queries and doubts, feel free to reach out to us at